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Edwardo R. Meza
Managing Attorney


Mr. Meza is the founder and primary attorney at The Meza Law Firm. He is a bilingual immigration and criminal attorney who has focused his practice on Immigration and Criminal Law, since its inception. Mr. Meza has extensive experience helping immigrants and U.S. citizens who are arrested and charged with a crime. He is uniquely qualified to assist immigrants in criminal proceedings because he is also an immigration attorney. He understands the special challenges an immigrant will face when arrested and what must be done immediately to safeguard their status in this Country. Further, he understands the complexities of Federal Immigration Law and can advise his clients at this crucial moment.

Mr. Meza has handled hundreds of criminal and immigration cases over the years and has helped many families navigate their way through the legal system. He is an advocate that will fight to keep families together. He is a strong negotiator who will provide zealous representation. Mr. Meza believes that everyone who hires him should be treated with respect and dignity. He truly cares about his clients and always seeks the best outcome. He understands that a criminal conviction can change someone’s life forever! Mr. Meza is a resident and a native of Fort Worth, Texas. Both his mother and wife are immigrants from Mexico. Therefore, he can relate to the struggles immigrants face in this country. He attended both private catholic and public schools in the Fort Worth and Arlington area prior to graduating from Texas Southern University School of Law in Houston. Mr. Meza is fluent in Spanish.


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